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Margo Aliamo- Web Services Director
Margo is an expert with Internet Strategies, Web development projects and Multi-Media Strategies. She graduated from California College of Communications for Web Development, De Anza College for Office Technology and from New Horizons with a Project 2000 Certificate. She has over 11 years of experience in project management and web development, WAN and LAN in marketing and advertising. Margo founded MDA Consulting working with a US channel marketing team at Hewlett Packard. Using her knowledge of information, project, content management, application support engineering she has developed and implemented project plans and has a track record for meeting time lines and deliverables.

Peggy Martin – Copywriter
She has written for CIO Magazine, PC World, and Line 56 as well as in-house publications for Oracle, Sybase, Siebel and Sun Microsystems. She has also written and edited many success stories that have appeared on company web sites. Peggy’s experience also includes technical white papers and scriptwriting for business meetings

Jeremy Hogan- Photography
A photojournalist living in Indiana and doing some side work that is pretty dangerous for anyone these days. Jeremy has flown to war torn countries to shoot the atrocities that have happened there. He also has done some e
xceptional high fashion photography.

Ken Valenzuela - TV & Cable Ad Production
Starting off in his collage days working as photographer and video producer for NASA this creative guy has much to offer the clients at the Durham Group. He later went on to work for some big name advertising companies and is very efficient with all deadlines for our clients.

Mike Paim -Video and Multimedia Production
A native of Silicon Valley, Michael brings with him fourteen years of video and multimedia production experience. His talents include script writing, cinematography, directing, editing and producing multimedia projects. His wide array of projects includes commercials, marketing and training videos, as well as travel videos. His most recent position was Senior Production Manager and Producer for EterniTV. Michael also holds Bachelor’s of Science degree in Marketing and International Business from San Jose State University.

Richard - Illustration and other Creative talents
His talents stretch from photography to illustration and on to Photoshop work to painting. He is truly the 21st Century artist. He is also a pretty darn good master and commander of sailing a boat! Maybe we can get him to take us out for our next company party?

John Perez – Web and technical advisor
Working in his past career life for Motor Mouth Marketing and for a government agency, (that we can not mention on this Web site,) John has the talent it takes to make costumers happy.


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